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Thread: Howdy ALL

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    Howdy ALL

    Just want to say Hi to everyone. Hope all came through the hurricane without any problems. Jack, good luck with this forum.

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    Howdy there Aunt Kay! We made it ok.

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    Thanks Jack. Glad you did OK. My family members in NJ were OK also. Storm stayed off the coast and went North. Storm didn't affect us here in KY. Been hot since May so looking forward to little more comfortable weather.

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    Hi there, good to meet you. You've picked a good forum to join!
    Look forward to seeing you around the forum and chatting with you in the future. *

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    Thank you. Nice meeting you also. Sorry am not able to be on much. We have a very active 3yr old girl living with us now. She is all over me which makes me both tired and happy. lol

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