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Thread: Racoon hunting

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    Racoon hunting

    Coworker goes every night, still too hot for me but he gave me an open invite today. I'm off till next Thursday and never been so I may make a hunt this week. I'm gonna try and see if he wants to try the government woods closer to my place hehe.

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    Let us know how it goes. I've only been one time when I was younger......had a blast!

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    He use dogs?

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    I haven't tried coon hunting but my friend is a successful racoon hunter. He always takes an accurate shot and he's skilled in tracking racoon scent trails. I think, having a dog that helps him track increased his chances of a successful coon hunts.

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    Being a beginner I have never been hunting, let alone coon hunting. I have listened to the old Jerry Clower recording about going coon hunting. It's hilarious. If you haven't heard this I encourage you to listen.
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    He does use dogs and I haven't gone yet. That jerry clower story never gets old.

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    Never gone coon hunting before but I know a friend who's good at this. Most times, he'll be equipped with a hunting light and gets his dog as company. I will venture out with him during my work leave which comes no sooner than October.

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