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    Goose Calls Online

    Looking for a recommendation on a goose call for use during our special September goose season. Are there any sites you can visit where you can actually hear the call being used before you purchase? I am looking for a lower and deeper call that sounds more like a gander. I have a specific sound in mind, but of course, online shopping makes it difficult to know exactly what you are getting unless a site has a recording available to hear. Some of the calls aren't exactly cheap.

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    That's an order I haven't thought of. With the difference of speakers I would imaging could be different tones but since you know what you want it may work. I know nothing of geese but Lee may be able to help through the phone or understand what you want. I have bought a turkey call/strikers from him in the past and love em. I plan on a grunt and more turkey calls in the future. He does ducks also. On FB misfiregamecalls

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    You raise something I have been thinking of lately and I believe having such a site would be beneficial.

    A preview of the call to be used will help in making purchasing decisions.Thanks for that too MSHunter.

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