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Thread: Camping the green way

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    Camping the green way

    Here are a couple of ways to go green when it comes to camping. Buy second-hand gear from stores or sites like this one (there's a Swap Meet section here that's great for this purpose). Also, use washable dishes, not those made of Styrofoam or plastic. Let's do our part!

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    Indeed Fraxel! I've picked up a bunch of good used items off Craigslist. I picked up an almost new Colman camp stove for $10.

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    Thrift shopping is my middle name and there are some good buys out there if you're willing to look. I've been able to pick up some of the basics like reusable plastic plates, cutlery and storage containers. I haven't checked out the Army/Navy surplus store yet but that's my next stop.

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    When I go yard sale shopping, one of the things I am always on the lookout for is camping, canning, fishing, or hunting equipment. You would be surprised at what you can pick up for next to nothing from people who either just want to get rid of stuff, or don't know the value of what they have.

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    A friend of mine went out and bought a whole host of top notch camping gear, had one weekend away and decided that camping wasn't for him. As far as I kniw, all the equipment is now gathering dust in the garage. I am waiting for the chance to buy it off him!

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    Going through thrift stores and garage sales is a good way to save money. You can also find nearly new equipment online as people often sell their camping gear after only using it a few times. Buying equipment that you can reuse and benefits the envitonment is also a good way to go green.

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    The green way would be no propane or charcoal grills. Use wood and fire pits.

    I only use washable dishes. Reuse dish water to put the fire out.

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    The green revolution seems to be catching up with everyone and there are a host of ways in which we can go camping and mind the environment.

    I'm always on the lookout for camping gear being disposed at a throw away price and you'll be surprized at how most people find it hard to maintain these.

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