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Thread: There is a difference

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    There is a difference

    In doing some research on survival/bush craft I discovered a marked difference in the two. Survival being a life and death situation and bush craft being voluntary. However, one should know about bush craft in order to survive. Don't you think so too?

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    I agree, Mamabear. It would be beneficial in a life or death situation.

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    I may never have clearly understood the difference between the two especially because these terms are often used interchangeably.

    I have never gone bush crafting but this got me wanting to for one at the soonest available opportunity. These skills are really vital.

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    Have ya'll ever watched the survival shows on TV? The one that really gets me is "Naked and Afraid." Why don't these people make something to wear out of leaves or other things? That's one of the first things I would do. Am I wrong here? Seems it would help to keep me warm and protect me from some of the elements.

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