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    These fish 'round here love shrimp and are experts at getting it off the hook without getting caught. Tried some mullet the other day and that's a whole heap better. Son caught a nice black drum. He's in the freezer waiting for more. What is your favorite bait?

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    I have never gone fishing in salt water but it is interesting to hear that those fish are so good at getting off the hook. I will try mullet the next time I have a chance to go fishing in this environment.

    Have you used a cut bait before?

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    I usually purchase my live bait, but sometimes I catch it myself. I look for worms in my backyard or at my fishing spot. Worms are tasty treat for any fish, and most fish if presented with opportunity would be glad to snack on one.

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    We usually dig our own worms. The kids love it. I've used shrimp before but never had any luck with it. I'm not a big salt water fan but mostly because I'm not near any.

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