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Thread: Flounder gigging

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    Flounder gigging

    I've only been a few times and had one good night. Coworker took me two years ago and was amazed how shallow they get. Homemade submersible light and he ended up gigging one in ankle deep water. I was skunked that night but went a few times last year and zeroed every night but one, ended up with eight. I guess it's hit and miss without a bout to cover a larger area. Once this year so far and nothing.

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    Where are you going?

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    West of Gulfport, mainly around Long Beach. Plan on heading to Bay St Louis next time. The waves are non existent and plenty of sandbars to walk around.

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    Cool. How's the water there? Is it blue like it is on the gulf coast of Florida?

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    Its not blue here. The beach is man made

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    Man made beach!

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    I went last week and brought one home. I started in Bay st louis. Water was so clear an visibility 20 feet. Didn't see any sign so went to Pass Christian where I gigged it but the visibility was about 8 feet and after an hour saw nothing. Drove to Long Beach and couldn't see hardly at all. Ended at a pier with poles and caught 2 cats and 2 Spanish mackerels

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