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Thread: Is there a right time to fish?

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    Is there a right time to fish?

    I have heard most of my friends claim that there is no best time to fish since the different species are active at different times. How true is this statement?

    Nonetheless, it is best to catch fresh water fish after dawn or dusk since they seem to be active around these times. I rarely hear of people going to fish at noon.
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    I have caught fish all day long, so I am not sure what to make of that statement. You are correct that certain times of day and night are better for certain fish, but I have always done the bulk of my fishing during the day going back to when I was a little girl.

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    I mostly fish in the day, but I have fished at night a few times and caught catfish.

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    Fly-fishing I have only ever done in the day. I go on a trawler with friends about twice a year, but that's for the experience, and we usually catch loads at night then.

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    I think that you can fish at any time of the day but much depends on your location and the types of fish you are trying to catch. Learning the basic habits of the fish you are trying to catch will help you a lot.

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