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Thread: Thanksgiving Dinner

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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    Thanksgiving Dinner is always a big deal at home. We always have turkey, dressing and all the trimmings. Hubby has managed to bag a turkey and I have it in the freezer. Any tips on preparing and cooking this bird?

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    I like to deep fry ours. It is really good that way.

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    Fresh turkey is always different than any you buy in a store. I would roast it in the oven. Put a nice rub on it to season it up. Spray a little oil on it too so it gets good and brown.

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    I find it sometimes hard to get a crispy skin. I read several tips about not cooking it at a high temperature and use dry brining. It's best done in two or three days before the actual cooking to make sure it tastes right. I'm planning to try this out the for the next Thanksgiving.

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